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How To Start Your Own Profitable Graphic Design Business | Graphic Design Boss

How To Start Your Own Profitable Graphic Design Business

How To Start Your Own Profitable Graphic Design Business

How To Start Your Own Profitable Graphic Design Business

It’s a big day today at Graphic Design Boss. We are kicking off a new blog series ‘How To Start Your Own Profitable Graphic Design Business’. If you are considering starting your own design business then this series will help you get started.

Here is a preview of some topics that are coming up:

  • Business Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Find Out How Much You Are Worth
  • Workplace Essentials
  • Finding New Business/Clients
  • Client Liaison
  • Productivity
  • Marketing
  • Employing and Firing Staff
  • The Design Process

All of these posts will be written by graphic designers who are in the trenches with you. They are actually doing what they are writing about. We’ve learnt over the years, sometimes the easy way, but more often not the hard way. If you think you have a guest post in you on  ‘how to start your own design business’ drop a comment below and include your email address.

I’ve been posting ahead of time (by stealth) to give you an idea of what your can expect in this series. Here are some of the posts:

Before You Start Your Own Graphic Design Business

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Quit Your Design Job & Start Your Own Business

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start Your Own Graphic Design Business

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Graphic Design Business

8 Qualities You Need To Start A Graphic Design Business

How To Secure Your Online Presence

How To Develop a Vision For Your Graphic Design Business

Client Liaison

8 Valentine’s Day Tips To Be The Ideal Designer Every Client Loves

4 Ways To Respond When Your Client Presentation Goes Horribly Wrong

How To Grow Your Earnings From $100 To $50,000 In Only One Year With A New Client

4 Strategies I Use To Help Me Deal With A Nightmare Client

Finding New Clients

4 Lessons I Learnt About Finding Potential Clients From A Street Party

4 Insights Dating Taught Me About Pursuing Prospective Clients

8 Ways To Develop New Clients For Graphic Design Business


3 Cheap Ways To Back Up Your Work For A Design Business On A Budget

3 Smart Steps That Will Improve Your Productivity & Increase Your Profitability

Are there any particular topics or particular issues you would like me to write on? Don’t forget to subcribe via RSS or by email so you’ll never miss a post in this series!

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One Response to “How To Start Your Own Profitable Graphic Design Business”

  1. Derik G May 18, 2011 at 11:58 pm #

    I recently graduated college in Finance and am facing huge opposition in finding employment (like many others I’m sure). I began my college career in graphic design, but later switched because I felt it was too specific. I’ve recently have had a lot of push from family, friends, and a few previous clients to start my own design agency. This website is super helpful and has encouraged me to move forward.

    A little background: I began doing graphic work on the side for about 5 years now. I’ve done everything from real estate layouts to logos, from animated medical diagrams to business cards. I never made super big bucks, but I did have a client base of 8-10 businesses/contacts (most of which have gone ice cold). So my main problem at the moment is redeveloping that client base.

    Any advice and/or guidance for someone in my position would be greatly appreciated!

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